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Qlight Sesa WS 220V R KIMM

Hubungi Kami Qlight Sesa WS 220V R KIMM ,  Kami supplier alat safety terlengkap dan termurah selain menjual lampu explosion proof kami juga menjual produk lainya seperti sirine yahagi, sirine ewig, sirine mini, lampu rotary, lampu patwal, sirine multitones dll, dapat kan harga spesial dari kami dan gratis ongkir untuk daerah jakarta dan sekitarnya. 

Qlight Sesa WS 220V R KIMM


*SESA-WS-220V-R KIMM Large explosion proof signal beacon / light & electronic sounder combinations
* A variety of light sources and sound selections to fit your sophisticated application needs
* Aluminum housing provides excellent durability
* Fully enclosed structure with protection rating of IP66
* Integrated housing and terminal box model
* Excellent diffusion effect with special multifaceted reflector
* Revolving speed : 120-140RPM
* Sound volume : Max. 118dB at 1m(Volume adjustable)
* Standard housing color : MUNSELL No. 7.5BG 7/2
* Cable entry : 1/2″ NPT
* Materials : Lens-Tempered glass, Filter-PC, Housing-Al, Protection cage-STS316L, Reflector-PC
* Certificates : IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, KIMM, KOSHA, ABS, CCS, KR
* Protection rating


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