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Ready Pompa Hidrolik Penggerak Mesin HPE-4 Izumi

Hubungi Kami Ready Pompa Hidrolik Penggerak Mesin HPE-4 Izumi, Untuk pemesanan anda bisa menghungi sales marketing kami di TLP/SMS : 085701550255 / WA 081339893673 atau anda bisa mengirimkan e-mail untuk meminta surat penawaran ke risiskalestari2@gmailcom. Kami supplier alat safety terlengkap dan termurah selain menjual lampu explosion proof kami juga menjual produk lainya seperti sirine yahagi, sirine ewig, sirine mini, lampu rotary, lampu patwal, sirine multitones dll, dapat kan harga spesial dari kami dan gratis ongkir untuk daerah jakarta dan sekitarnya. 

Ready Pompa Hidrolik Penggerak Mesin HPE-4 Izumi

Spesifikasi :
- The HPE-4 is a double acting engine driven hydraulic pump suitable for double acting presses for trans-mission line use.
- This pump is one of the most sophisticated on today’s market. It builds pressure to68.5Mpa automatically, and returns the engine RPM to an idle. The push buttonw i l l control the f l u i d flow at the discretion of the operator. There is also a manual mode on the pump that can be used to override the remote control.
- Electric circuit boards are completely modulated for easy replacement and repair.
- The FUJI HEAVY’S four cycle engine EX-13 is used with this Pump. This engine meets emission control in accordance with
- EPA Phase2 and CARB Tier2. And this engine reduces level by 2 dBA in comparison with former EY15 engine on the HPE-3


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