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Jual Control Panel Fire Alarm NFU-7000 Nittan

Hubungi Kami Jual Control Panel Fire Alarm NFU-7000 Nittan, Untuk pemesanan anda bisa menghungi sales marketing kami di TLP/SMS : 085701550255 / WA 081339893673 atau anda bisa mengirimkan e-mail untuk meminta surat penawaran ke risiskalestari2@gmailcom. Kami supplier alat safety terlengkap dan termurah selain menjual lampu explosion proof kami juga menjual produk lainya seperti sirine yahagi, sirine ewig, sirine mini, lampu rotary, lampu patwal, sirine multitones dll, dapat kan harga spesial dari kami dan gratis ongkir untuk daerah jakarta dan sekitarnya. 

Jual Control Panel Fire Alarm NFU-7000 Nittan

Spesifikasi :
• One driver card capable of 2 loops is equipped as standard
• NFU-7000 has 3 capability of driver card storage (max 6 loops), NFU-7000-L has 7 capability (max 14 loops)
• One loop supports 254 addresses which can be wired in Class A (Style 6 or 7) or Class B (Style 4)
• Use of shielded cable is not required for SLC loops
• Modular design
• Four Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Notification Appliance Circuits rated at 1.7 Amps each
• One Auxiliary power supply, rated 1.7 Amps at 24VDC in addition to one resettable 4-wire power supply
• Large 16 line x 40 character Back-lit LCD Display with user friendly menu
• Correlatable Switch Inputs which allow for multifunctional outputs
• Four Status Queues with selector switches and LEDs for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble and Monitor
• Auxiliary relay contacts for Common Alarm, Common Supervisory and Common Trouble
• RS-232 port for remote system printer
• Two Event History Logs comprised of a 1000 event alarm history log for alarm related events and a 5000 event log for all events
• Supports three configuration files (current, previous and next configuration) with “hot swap” support
• Supports Conventional Hardwire Adder Modules
• Built-in One Man Walk Test operation
• Provides drift compensation for Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
• Capability to adjust Intelligent Smoke Detector sensitivity levels
• Real time 3D graphical monitoring and control using Nittan’s NFU-Graphic-monitor
• BACnet support
• Supports Boolean logic functions
• Built-in Ethernet port
• UL listed for Smoke Control
• Manual Control Function
• Input Simulation Function
• Multiple group bypass function with built-in false alarm prevention technology

-Network Node Bypass
-Node Outputs Bypass
-Input Zone Bypass
-Relay Disconnect
-Device/Circuit Bypass


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